Also Consider these other Hygiene Needs:

· Bath Wipes, Moist Towelettes, Soap

· Comb, Brush, Hair Accessories, Hair Spray, etc…

· Q-Tips, Tissue Pack

· Toothbrush, Toothpaste

· Deodorant, Lotion, Make-Up

· Medicine dropper

· Razor, Shaving Cream

· Insect Repellant

After a disaster, water & sewage lines may be disrupted.

· Earthquakes, floods and mudslides can break sewage and water lines.

· Power outages: Water and sewer lines are dependant on electricity to run their pumps.

When Water/Sewer lines are down, Sanitation can become a serious problem…Very Quickly!

“People affected by disasters are more likely to become ill and to die from diseases related to inadequate sanitation and water supplies than from any other single cause.” (World Health Organization)

As much as possible, continue regular hygiene habits. This will help prevent the spread of disease and irritation as well as help relieve stress.

If you suspect water or sewer lines are broken:

· Don’t drink the water. It may be unsafe. Boil it and treat with liquid bleach.

· Don’t flush the toilet. This could cause backup problems or allow sewage to contaminate ground water.

Prepare a Sanitation Kit that can be used at home and portable so it can go with you if you need to evacuate.


· Plastic Bucket with Tight Lid

· Plastic Garbage Bags & Ties

· Lime powder or Disinfectant (disease, odor control)

· Toilet Paper, Towelettes

· Feminine supplies

· Shovel

· Hand Sanitizer

· Liquid Soap

Text Box: Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy a Generator

Text Box: What is the generator’s wattage capacity and will it support your needs, including startup surge power required by some equipment?
Does the generator have enough outlets to plug in all of the items you want to power?
How noisy is the generator? Are there noise restrictions in your neighborhood?
What type of fuel does it use?
How large is the fuel tank and how many hours of operation will it provide?
Is the generator easy to move around? Does it have built-in wheels and handles for portability?
What accessories will I need to run the generator (fuel, heavy-duty extension cords, transfer switch)?